Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello All

Well, I guess I have been pretty quite for the last year. Hmmm! Time really flys. Now I'm back and waiting for the arrival of Christopher Nejman's new CD book Celebrity Bags. You all know what a fan I am of him. I learned sooo many new techniques from his Pillow Book and his teachings, that I couldn't believe after all my years of sewing, there was that much new stuff to learn.
After the excitement of winning the Punching Pillow contest, it was sort of a let down not to go on with the pillow classes which were over and I missed them. I made a few more pillows and then discovered with my Grandboys there was World of Warcraft. (have 2 level 80's) lol. So this is how I passed the time waiting for Christopher's book. I agree, not very productive, but who knew and I can speak a whole new language with my Grandboys now. :)
NOW, Christophers CD book is in the mail..yeah and the machines are rearranged, dusted and ready to go. I can not wait to get my hands on it. It even has some new embroidery design included. Come on mailman.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Christopher Nejman - Tulsa Ok

Once again, Christopher wowed them at B Sew Inn, Tulsa, Ok and I was fortunate to be there. We had an up close and real look at one of his handbags from his forth coming new book. You can see peeks on his web site, .Mary Hess owner of B Sew Inn, was the very lucky recipient of this gorgeous bag and guarded it closely. Lol He also showed a bronze tote with one of his stunning embroidery designs.

Janie and I assisted him as the attendees to his seminar did hands on punching on brand new 12 needle Baby Lock Embellisher's. What a great machine. Christopher showed some new techniques and more new ribbon florals that were so creative. I can't begin to cover it all, but you could feel the inspiration and people wanting to run home and do new things. They did! The second day they came back with show and tell from what they had done after the first day.

And then there was the B Sew Inn. What a magnificent Baby Lock dealer. The largest in the US and the staff was like a sewing university. You asked, they knew and would show you how. Incredible! If you are traveling thru Ok and you sew, or think you want to sew, this is a must see store. Visit their web site and see for yourself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Ellegante2 Embroidery

Goodness, it's been awhile, with all the excitement of having a new machine and reading manuals and workbook; I finally have produced my first embroidery on my Baby Lock Ellegante. I played with some little things and then said go for it on the real thing. Of course, I made pillow!
I found the Ellegante to be very user friendly and it sews like a dream. I love using it. Of course there is a new machine on the horizone...the Ellisimo. I'm just going to look when it comes out this fall. Tee Hee

Sunday, May 11, 2008

In Her new home

And ready to go. Software installed and love the Designer Gallery Interactive Embroidery Designs. What a great concept. In a flash you can make hundreds of designs. The one I have is home Decor. Think I will try this first.

So much to learn and so much I want to do. Time needs to stand still awhile. However, without Christoper Nejman, none of this would have ever happened and so I profusely "Thank " him again and to the wonderful Judges and sponsors, Babylock, Robison-Anton, Sulky and Amazing Designs...Thank you all again.

The Big Day

Eileen, the Baby Lock Representative and Richard Luster owner of Sewing World, Inc.,presented me with my new Baby Lock Ellegante2 sewing/embroidery machine. It was so exciting to see it, feel it and touch it. I also received the bonus pack which included Designer Gallery Software, Studio Plus, Interactive Designs, stabilizers, Robison Anton Threads and 2 free on-line classes.

I spent the day in class amazed at the machine threading itself and the unbelievable amount of decorative stitches.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Robison-Anton Thread Prize

Christmas in May. Today I received 62 spools of Robison-Anton Threads, a thread rack and 3 packages of pre-wound bobbins. I have gone to thread heaven. This is part of my prize for First Place. I immediately unpacked and found a home for all of them. There were a few spools of 300/4 Super Brite Polyester Floss. They are extremely shiny and just beautiful. I haven't used this thread before, but I am really anxious to try it. Look for this thread next time you are in a sewing/quilt store. You have to see it for yourself.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Excited isn't the word for it. I am ecstatic. I have won the Baby Lock Ellegante and Robinson Anton Embroidery thread. I have been on the Baby Lock site at least a half a dozen times looking at my new machine and all the features. It cuts jump threads, can you believe it? I cannot wait to embroidery on it.

This would never have happened without Christopher. He is the "man" that made all this possible and for us to step out of the box and go for it. He is the man who initialized this contest, got 12 amazing Judges that are tops in the sewing industry and Baby Lock, Sulky Threads, Robison Anton Threads and Dreamworld to provide these wonderful prizes. Thank you all.

Who would have thought that all this resulted from buying Christopher's Pillow book and joining his on-line Yahoo class a year ago to learn his methods?

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